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Take total control of your money

+ Send and receive money

Anywhere in the world, to any bank.

+ Multiple Currencies

Receive your money in US Dollars or Mexican Pesos.

+ Withdraw cash

Withdraw cash in ATMs participating in The AMEX network worldwide or in participating convenience stores.

+ Reload your Cuallet

Transfer o deposit cash into your Cuallet® in real time.

+ Pay bills

For Mexico or the US, directly from your Cuallet® app fast and easy.

+ Pay anywhere

With your Cuallet card in any business that accepts AMEX®.

+ Additional accounts

We can provide the cards you need for you And your family’s needs.

+ Transfer from Cuallet® to Cuallet®

24 hour Customer Service.
¡Join the financial platform for a citizen of the world.!
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How it works?

Cuallet ® is an electronic wallet with alternatives to manage your money by providing you different accounts to organize your finances.

You can request your prepaid Cuallet Amex®, ideal to manage your or your family’s budget.

If you would like to build up or improve your credit score, the Standard Cuallet Amex® credit card is your best choice.

In Cuallet® you will discover a financial services platform that is flexible and with all the benefits life requires.

  • Free application.
  • Lowest fees in the market.
  • No minimum balances.
  • Life insurance.

Follow these simple steps to activate your Cuallet®

And start enjoying all of its benefits!

Load funds to your Cuallet® at:

You can load funds to your Cuallet by scanning the bar code at the back of your card at the following establishments:

  • Oxxo
  • Farmacias del Ahorro
  • 7-Eleven
  • Farmacias Benavides
  • Extra
  • Walmart
  • Superada
  • Soriana
  • Sams
  • Préstamo Express
  • Calimax
  • CircleK
  • Mega
  • Comercial Mexicana
  • Bodega Aurrera
  • Or any bank.
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"Cuallet" is an application for web and smartphones owned by Payllix S.A of C.V., through which you can manage different financial products and services, national and international, credit products granted by Financiera Cuallix S.A de C.V SOFOM ENR and/or Financiera de México Múltiple S.A of C.V SOFOM ENR and savings and investment products granted by Caja Bugambilia S.C of C.V.

American Express is a brand of American Express®. Cards are issued by Financiera Cuallix S.A de C.V SOFOM E.N.R under license from American Express. The authorization to carry out resource raising operations is supported in the permits of Bugambilia Ahorro Productivo S.C. de A.P. de R.L. de C.V. and are supervised by the Fideicomiso del Fondo de Supervision Auxiliar de Sociedades Cooperativas de Ahorro y Prestamo y de Protección a sus Ahorradores (FOCOOP). It is known that neither the Federal Government nor any other entity of the Public Administration can take responsibility or guarantee the resources of the users who are used in transactions concluded with "Cuallet", nor will they assume any responsibility for the obligations contracted by "Cuallet" or by any with respect to the operations they perform.